Questions & Answers About Golf in Malaysia

  • The climate of Malaysia is hot and humid throughout the year, where temperature range from 21°C (70°F) to about 35°C (95°F). High SPF Sun block is recommended. Occasional rain during the period between Oct and Feb helps lower the temperature and heavy usually last no more than an hour. Humidity in Malaysia is about 75%.

  • Clothing?
  • Light clothing is recommended, golf cap, sunglasses and umbrella will reduce the heat of the day.

  • Currency?
  • Most currencies can be exchanged at the banks or local money changers, some tourist prefer Traveller’s Cheques plus Credit cards, are widely accepted: major hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and golf courses.

  • Language?
  • English is widely spoken, although Malay language is our national language, plus Mandarin and Tamil (Foreign language speaking guides are available upon request and early confirmations).

  • Time?
  • Malaysia is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and 16 hours ahead of United States Pacific Standard Time.

  • Health regulations?
  • No vaccination is required for cholera and smallpox. However we recommend you to use insect repellent at all times, to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

  • Electrical supplies?
  • Electric supply is on a 240-volt 50-cycle system is used for all electrical appliances.

  • Medical?
  • Medical care is widely available; there are plenty of private clinics and health care providers in most towns. It is a good idea to take out a medical insurance before you travel. Pharmacies are also widely available for over-the-counter prescriptions

  • Drinking water?
  • It is generally safe to drink water straight from the tap. Bottled mineral water is easily available and widely prefered.

  • Banking hours?
  • Official banking hours are between 0930 and 1600 hours daily, generally all bank closed on weekends. ATM machines are also available in shopping malls.

  • Getting around?
  • Public transport (bus and taxi) are easily available throughout the country. However within the Klang Valley Light Rail Transit (LRT), KTM trains, and KL Monorail are also available. Caution please negotiates fare before setting off or you may end up paying more than you should.

  • Shopping?
  • Most shopping malls open from 1000 to 2200 hours daily, 7 days a week including public holidays.

  • Telephone?
  • Local calls can be made from coin or card operated public phones, you can also make International calls from phone booths with card phone facilities or at any Telecom offices. Most hotels are equipped with IDD services with a minimal service charge. - Useful Phone Directory.

  • Dining?
  • Dining in Malaysia is a highlight, from traditional Malay cuisine to Chinese, Indian and Western. Malaysia is a melting pot for fusion food, many Northen Asian restaurants are widely available (Korean and Japanese).

  • Tourist Police?
  • Visitors who encounter unforeseen problems and difficulties can seek the Malaysian Tourist Police Unit for assistance. They often patrol tourist spots and will render assistance, as well as safeguard tourists' security.

  • Golf Attires?
  • Collar t-shirts with short or long sleeves, knee-length shorts or long pants, ladies golf skirt, soft spikes golf shoes.

  • Are Caddies available?
  • Where caddies are available it is often mandatory to use, tipping is at the discretion of the golfer.

  • Are rental sets available?
  • Rental sets are readily available in advance notice.

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